• “Improving the condition of life and living for children with learning and developmental challenges and their families through provision of world class therapy and education services, ongoing programs of training, counselling and referral services.”


    Our affiliate school, Pleasant Places Education Centre provides an educational setting for neuro-typical children and those with challenges and varied abilities to learn side by side with curricula that are tailored to each child’s ability and needs. Admission to the school is based strictly on the ability of the child to function within the semi structured environments and upon the development of the necessary pre-academic and coping skills as well as school readiness.

  • Teaching Kids



    We provide referrals and linkages for other services including further assessments, therapy, nutrigenomics, biomedical testings’ and treatments to organizations within and outside Nigeria.

  • The burden of care for a child with a different ability or disability can put a lot of pressure on families socially, emotionally and financially.  This burden is even much heavier on low income, no income, poor and vulnerable families.


  • Our helping hand unit offers

    • Free assessments and observation services
    • Subsidized or free therapy services
    • Free ongoing support and counselling services
    • Fund raising for medical and biomedical investigations and care.
  • Our helping hand service is strictly based on a thorough needs assessment, eligibility profiling and availability of funding.

     Our partners and donors would be given periodic reports and reviews on the children under this program.

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