• Our admission process begins with an initial consultation meeting with our potential parents or guardians. This usually lasts between 30 -60 minutes.

    An assessment date is fixed after payment of an assessment fee.  During the assessment, our team meets with our prospective pupil and carries out a direct observation assessment or other forms of assessment to assess the child’s strengths and areas of needs.

    The assessment helps us decide if our skills are best suited to your child’s needs. Assessment also provides information which forms a baseline for future planning and program evaluation.

    A breakdown of fees would be provided to the prospective parents and therapy begins when fees have been paid and the necessary forms and questionnaires are filled and returned.

    In the event that we do not feel that our skills are an appropriate fit for your child’s needs, we would refer to professionals who are best suited and equipped for the child.


  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?