Our Services


    We provide a continuum of quality care, education and therapy services for children with learning, developmental and other neurological challenges.

    Our Services include:

    • Direct Observation and Assessment Services using world class standardized tools including international in-person and on-line consultations
    • One on One Individualized Therapy Services
    • School Shadowing /Facilitation
    • After School Intensive Therapy and Education Programs
    • IEP Development and Curriculum Modification
    • Skills Training and Acquisition Programs
    • Inclusive Education
    • Holiday Group Therapy and Weekend Kids Social clubs
    • In Home Respite Care and Special Needs Babysitting Services
    • Therapists, Teachers and Parents Trainings, Workshop and Seminars
    • Referrals and Linkages
    • Psychosocial Support and Counselling Services for parents and caregivers
    • Holiday Therapy Programs within and outside Nigeria